• Something about My Tonsils



    I always hate to go to emergency at night, especially after midnight. I figure it's the most blood and suffering you can possibly see in time of peace. But unfortunately, there're times I have to see them.


    The first night I went there, it was like 10:00 pm. And I saw many people with their fingers cut. I saw at least ten people with their fingers bleeding and bound with gauze. I wondered why so many people hurt their fingers at night.


    The next night I went there, since I was still with high fever, it was later, like 1:00 am or something. And I saw more people with their feet injured. When I went into the Transfusion Room, I saw a woman lying in bed, one of her feet totally cut off and placed beside her. I almost fainted at the sight of it.


    And again I was sitting there waiting for my antibiotics. Soon the nurse came with the fluid and pulled the needle near my hand. "Three times now." I said. "Oh, so many already." "Yeah, first clindamycin, and then penicillin and now cephalosporin." "I see. What about the other hand?" "It's the same, it's also been three times on the other hand." I answered with a bitter smile. "Oh, so many injections...then we will have to put it here." She pulled the needle near the bigger vessel on the back of my hand which is close to my thumb. "Oh, but this will hurt..." I remember it hurt the most when the needle came into this vessel before. "But anyway you really have to get it..." She said with sympathy. And I felt so warm and got it anyway.


    It always takes more than an hour. Penicillin takes longest since it's strong and if I get it too fast I can feel pain in my vessels. Another risk is that you can get allergic. Last time it took me more than three hours sitting there for the penicillin to get into my body.


    So I had a lot of time to kill. I wished I could talk with someone. But it seemed that other people sitting there getting the IV didn't want to talk that much. The ones sitting next to me, never talked to me. So I got bored. Sometimes I brought my iPod, but I found it better for me to kill my time just by thinking about things. I normally don't think about these things when I'm healthy, but sitting there with fluid coming into my body, I always thought of the noodle my dad got me one time when I was also very sick and being put on a drip. That noodle really impressed me. Sometimes I kind of forget how it exactly tastes, but I figure it must be the most delicious food I've ever had in my life. I didn't know where he got it, but it looked just as common as other seafood noodle. However when I struggled to get up and start eating it, it was so good that I felt like I was getting lively and alive again from the weakness and pain. It WAS like a bowl of noodle from heaven.


    It was more than 7 years ago now, when I was still at high school. I got really sick at school and my dad had to drive me back home and brought me to a clinic to get the IV.I never asked him where he got that noodle. I wonder if he still remembers this noodle he once got me. Maybe he forgot it soon after. But I really have never had better noodle before and after that. And I kind of think I never will too.


    There were also other stuffs too. I would then think of the sour kiwi DH got me when he brought me to the hospital in university. I was on a drip too and very hungry. Then he bought me this kiwi that I felt like eating. He peeled off the skin and gave it to me. I had a bite and gave it back. It was unbelievably sour. And I would never forget that kiwi too. I wonder if it is because of its extreme sourness or just because of him.


    And finally I would think of something even earlier, when I was like 14 and at the boarding school. I got very ill then also. I was at the small school clinic and lying in bed, almost losing my consciousness. But then suddenly my bed was all trembling because XJ stood on it to hang the bottle of fluid. Then I fell asleep. Then I woke up again, and saw him sitting beside my bed reading some magazine. Then I fell asleep again.


    And these are the things I can never forget. And they are almost all because of my tonsils. They get inflammation at least once a year. And every time they get it, it's always really severe and will trigger general inflammation, which means, I will always get very high fever and have to get a lot of antibiotics to kill the inflammation every time it happens.


    They have made me sick at home, in Beijing, in Sweden and now in Shanghai too. They made me sick and suffer again and again. So, I decided that I couldn't stand them anymore. So I decided that I would get rid of them as soon as possible, both of them. I decided that this would be the last time I got sick because of them.


    Then I figure I will finally be able to say goodbye to them. I can say goodbye to both of my tonsils. I can also say goodbye to all the antibiotics, especially my old friend penicillin. However, I figure I can just never say goodbye to those little memories, such as the super noodle, the sour kiwi or the trembling bed.







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